Car Finance in Angus & Tayside, Scotland

Mackie Motors are fully accredited by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). This means that our team members are fully up-to-date and knowledgeable in relevant areas of insurance products which are available at the time of purchase, or during the time you own your car.

To complement this, we offer a complete range of vehicle-funding products. Many reputable lenders exist, but most (if not all) are solely interested in tempting customers into consolidating numerous loans into one larger loan.

At Mackie Motors, we see our role - in tandem with our finance partners, Renault Financial Services (RFS) and Northridge Finance (part of NIIB Group Ltd) - as one where we can advise on the most suitable options for your vehicle purchase. It's our recommendation that, to allow customers a greater freedom of choice in future, their car is funded entirely separately, with choice of appropriate protection insurance products made available at the time of purchase.

Finance Products

Our product range for private customers include:

  • Hire Purchase
  • Personal Loans
  • Personal Contract Plans (i.e. Selections)

In addition, we also offer:

  • GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection): Ensure no financial shortfall if your vehicle is subsequently written off by your insurance company.
  • Extended Warranty: Gives you additional comfort in the knowledge that the existing warranty on your vehicle can be extended for a further period of time.

For Business users, there are also the following options:

  • Contract Hire (with or without maintenance)
  • Finance Lease

Why not check out our selection of new Dacia, Nissan and Renault vehicles, and make the most of our excellent finance options?


What do you need to get finance on a car?

For most people, investing in a new car means taking out a financing agreement with either the dealer or the manufacturer of the vehicle. After all, a vehicle is thousands of pounds to buy outright. In order to be able to secure a financing agreement, however, our sales advisors will need you to supply a number of details, namely proof of identity and residence, proof of income, and proof of insurance. Speak to the team at our dealerships today to find out more.

What finance options do you provide?

We aim to provide a selection of financing options to our customers, thereby ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to benefit from our selection of new and used cars. These purchasing plans include Hire Purchase, Personal Loans, and Personal Contract Plans. Each scheme differs from one another - such as in amount of deposit paid and whether or not you own the vehicle outright at the end of the agreed term. Contact the team at Mackie Motors today to learn more and to secure the best deal for you.

What is the best way to pay for a car?

When it comes to buying a new vehicle, determining the best means of paying for it is dependent on your own circumstances and desires. Purchasing with cash will mean outright ownership straight away, while a finance package enables you to drive away for low monthly repayments. The best way to secure the greatest value is to discuss in person with the expert sales advisors at Mackie Motors today.

Am I eligible for finance?

For the most part, vehicle finance is available to everyone. Assuming you’re able to demonstrate that your income is sufficient to cover the repayments, and that you are insured and do not have a particularly bad credit rating, you should be able to secure financing. Contact the sales team at Mackie Motors for more information on the necessary criteria.

Is it cheaper to buy a car on finance or cash?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that buying a vehicle outright in cash represents the best deal. After all, there is no interest to be paid on finance, and you will own the vehicle in full from the outset. However, you should consider the depreciation of the vehicle’s cost once you leave the forecourt. With financing, you may secure favourable rates of APR and be able to return the vehicle at the end of the agreement, thus not having to sell at a loss. Alternatively, low interest rates mean you may be able to invest the cash you have elsewhere, thereby negating any interest accrued on your vehicle finance. For more details, liaise with the sales team at Mackie Motors today.