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Introducing MACKIEbuyanycar

We Buy Cars

Whether you are looking for the very best deal on the market when buying your next car, are working from home and no longer need the extra expense of a car sitting on the driveway, or you are looking to go from 2 cars in your family to 1, MACKIEbuyanycar are here to help.

We have over 44 years experience and are on hand to make the process as pleasant and straightforward as possible.

We are backed up by our MACKIEbuyanycar Promise;

•Guaranteed quoted price given, no haggling

•Best prices offered

•Money paid by BACS transfer same day

•Absolutely no fees

•Delivery and collection service available

•Personally backed by our Dealer Principal

•Backed up by our companies unique value proposition – focus on our 100% Judge Service customer satisfaction score
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We'll Take You Home

Free Collection or Lift Home Service

Happy with your valuation? Book an appointment to the branch of your choice and we will call you back for a chat. Once we've taken a few details, we will tell you the price you will be offered. You will be surprised! If you like the sound of it, we will arrange an appointment on site with us or a free collection service for your vehicle. And if you sell your car to us, we will even take you home on the house!

It is as simple as that! And once the deal is done and you have sold your car, you will receive your money directly into your bank the same day. With absolutely no fees!

So what are you waiting for....

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MACKIEbuyanycar Customer Promise

We deliver to you our Customer Promise, personally backed by our Dealer Principal

  • £500 more than Auto Trader live valuation guaranteed to be paid *
  • Guaranteed quoted price given, no haggling **
  • Money paid by BACS transfer same day with no fees deducted ***
  • Absolutely no fees on transaction or payment ****
  • Free lift home or free collection service available *****

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MACKIEbuyanycar Terms & Conditions V1 2021

  • MACKIEbuyanycar car buying service is available to retail customers at participating dealers in the Mackie Motors (Brechin) Ltd group.
  • We reserve the right to cancel any purchase or refuse to purchase any vehicle based on a breaking of the contract set out and signed by both parties.
  • Both parties agree to the terms & conditions as set out on the ‘Vehicle Purchase Agreement’ once signed by both parties.
  • *The £500 extra price promise is subject to the vehicle condition, age, mileage, and all assumptions set out by Auto Trader when generating their valuation being correct and realistic.
  • *£500 extra price promise is generated against an Auto Trader valuation being carried out on the same day as our valuation. No seller input required as we will generate the Auto Trader valuation on the seller’s behalf.
  • *We promise to honour the £500 extra valuation when compared to the Auto Trader valuation upon finalised vehicle appraisal in person at one of our participating branches.
  • **All vehicles will be inspected as per our MACKIEbuyanycar appraisal processes, and the final valuation given will be full and final pending the customer agreement.
  • ***Same day payment will be processed via BACS transfer and is dependent upon the selling party having an active current bank account.
  • ***Same day payment is dependent upon banking hours and could be affected by Bank Holidays and other factors out with our control. We will always process BACS payment same day.
  • ****We guarantee no hidden fees as per our company policy of no administration or transaction fees.
  • *****We promise a lift home free of charge within a 30 mile radius of the participating branch to the seller for every completed transaction where the customer leaves their vehicle with us once sold. Alternatively, we promise a free collection service of the vehicle from the seller’s possession within a 30 mile radius of the participating branch postcode.
  • We retain the right to amend these terms & conditions where necessary.

MACKIEbuyanycar Service Promise

MACKIEbuyanycar, a division of Mackie Motors (Brechin) Ltd, do hereby promise to uphold the following stated promises and guarantees as stated in our advertisements;

  • £500 extra valuation offered over and above the like-for-like Auto Trader valuation generated on the same day as our valuation in every case.
  • We guarantee to pay the full amount of the valuation provided to the customer without haggling assuming the vehicle is as described by the customer in their initial enquiry and subsequent communications. If a subsequent vehicle appraisal carried out by us reveals undisclosed damage or missing items, or vehicle age, mileage, history or condition differs, we will update our valuation in line with set limits dictated by the CAP pricing matrix. We will not enter into negotiations ‘haggling’.
  • Same day payment. We promise to process the agreed sum by BACS transfer the same day.
  • Absolutely no hidden fees. We do not charge administration, transaction, or BACS payment fees.
  • A free lift home or a free collection service. We promise to either drive the seller home within a 30 mile radius or pick the seller’s vehicle up within a 30 mile radius of the participating branch.