Nissan Motability Offers

Whether you’re looking for something small, sporty, or spacious our Nissan Motability range offers you plenty of options. Discover our wide choice of reliable, well-equipped, surprisingly affordable Nissan vehicles - with many models available at £NIL Advance Payment. Whatever your lifestyle and budget, let us help you get behind the wheel of a brand new Nissan.

Feel like you have further questions? Contact our Motability Experts Doug Adam or Scott Davis on 01241 439 300.



If you order a new Nissan car through Motability, we'll give you £100 towards your new car or £100 cash back + if you order a Nissan Juke before the end of 2018 Nissan will give you a further £250.

From £NIL Advance Payment + £100 Cash Back
From £NIL Advance Payment + £100 Cash Back
From £2,799 Advance Payment including £100 Mackie contribution