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New Nissan Intelligent Mobility

Imagine a whole new driving experience, moving through life with greater exhilaration, confidence, and connection to the world around you. This is Nissan Intelligent Mobility, and it’s already a reality in Nissans you can drive today – in cars that park themselves, watch what’s happening around you, and step in to keep you out of trouble. Now imagine a near future with cars that can actually learn from one another and EVs that recharge as they drive along, no strings attached. Nissan Intelligent Mobility is making all this, and more, part of a bold, bright tomorrow.


​Nissan ProPILOT helps make things easier, from dealing with traffic jams to keeping your distance on the motorway. It can step in to do the hard work so that you can enjoy the ride.

Accelerates - Steers - Brakes

Intelligent Emergency Braking

To support you in traffic and on busy streets, Intelligent Emergency Braking continuously monitors your speed and distance from the car in front. It will let you know if you need to slow down and will even apply the brakes to help avoid a collision, minimize an impact or if it detects a pedestrian about to cross.

Intelligent Lane Intervention

Stay on track. On motorways and dual carriageways Intelligent Lane Intervention can gently brake to help guide you back into lane if it detects that you’ve unintentionally strayed for too long.

Intelligent Trace Control

Enjoy hugging curves with handling that feels effortless. Intelligent Trace Control reads the situation and, if needed, brakes each wheel individually to help you steer an optimal line through the turn.


Your parking nightmares are over! No steering, no pedals, no more neck twisting. Nissan ProPILOT park enables you to simply press and hold a button and your car can park itself. And it's pretty good at it too.

e-Pedal Driving

How about driving with just one pedal? It's so simple! With the Nissan e-Pedal, you can accelerate and decelerate with a single, seamless movement. Just release the accelerator for automatic regenerative braking and depress again for acceleration. And if you ever need a more immediate stop there’s still a familiar brake pedal. It's great fun and can help reduce driver fatigue.

Nissan Intelligent Mobility Your Next Steps